Free Xender Download For Windows Phone 2018

Xender for Windows App is generously accepted and admitted as mainstream for record sharing that has set new trends by introducing the most appealing and wanted features that missing in other apps of file sharing. It offers you the cheapest way to transfer your files from one gadget to another in a most effective way. Now Xender download for Windows phone is also available. Xender sharing software won’t tangle you in wires for sharing your data on another device nor does it torture you by asking you to connect your device with internet. It won’t either ask you to grab a data cable. With xender it is absolutely a free, wireless and tangled free smooth ride.

Download Xender Apk

Free Xender Download For Windows Phone

Download Xender for your Windows Phone

Now the great and steady service of Xender is also available for Windows phone.

Name of ApplicationType of file it can shareSize of file it can sharePrice of Application







With Xender there is no restriction of a ‘Type’ of file. You are not bound with any particular type of file.

No matter what type of file you have you can transfer it through xender easily.

Unlike Bluetooth Xender allows you to send and receive any size of file.

With Xender it is a piece of cake to send or receive either micro or macro files. Within a shortest time span your transfer will be done successfully.


The awesome features of this application are totally free of cost.

You can get facilitated with Xender without spending a single penny.




Comfort is that chief component that makes Xender distinguished from other tools and apps for transferring files. The user-friendly interface of Xender enables you to share your music, photos, archives and recordings in windows phone with other devices without any complexity.

Xender was giving its best to android and iOS devices but this super cool app has also been released for Windows Phone. Just head up to the store and download Xender for Windows Mobile from it.


Eligibility and Compatibility of Xender on Windows Phone

Ease of Trasmission

  • Whether you want transfer videos/photos/wall paper or GIFs you can easily transfer them even if their size is up to 10 GB.
  • It offers a cross-platform facility.
  • File can be transmitted up to four receivers at the same time.

Speed of transmitting files

  • Its speed is jaw-dropping quick and faster.
  • The heavier files can be shared and sent speedily.
  • It is a quicker multi-purpose exchange app.
  • It is not quick it is extra-ordinary quick that speedily sends mega videos in seconds.

Other utilities and eligibilities

  • You can remotely exchange and transmit with Xender.
  • It has a file manager.
  • It is a wireless transferring tool.
  • With it you can access your Internet link and then can go about as a server with it.

How to send Files from Android to windows Phone

Here this video below is about how you can transfer you data which includes every type of media from android to windows mobile.

Xender is a giant who can carry the weight of your files more than you can imagine. Its credibility is huge that’s why its users are in millions. Users feel safe to transfer their valuable data and files with Xender. Despite being free of cost it doesn’t drop down its quality of services. The sublime quality and credence it has built amongst its users are really acknowledgeable. Download Xender for windows Phone and Share your stuff securely and speedily.

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