How to connect Xender to PC

By the passage of time technology modifies itself and each time it brings its most refined form to us. Initially when you had to transfer some photos or videos to another device then you usually perform this action by turning on Bluetooth because during that time Bluetooth was considered as one of the easiest and quickest tool to do so.

The process of file transferring from your phone to your pc is a hectic thing, arranging a USB cable, mobile data or internet connection these are some of the annoying things that really tick you off. Bluetooth is a good option when it comes to share small files but when it comes to share some heavy files then Bluetooth isn’t a very good option because it consumes lot of time. In this age Xender software has proved itself a real blessing. File transferring has never been as easy as it has been made super easy by Xender. It is the best tool that can share huge files in few seconds. Here we will provide you a guide how to connect Xender to pc so you can also share and transfer your files through Xender.

Some advantages of Xender on your pc

  • Your files will be sent and transferred quickly
  • File transferring will be free of cost
  • It works on platforms like Windows phone, Android, iPhone.
  • It has a high speed

How to connect Xender to your PC

It is quite simple to connect Xender to your pc, just follow the simple steps mentioned-below


  • Launch the Xender app on your device
  • Look for the Blue button and click it for sending
  • Now hit on PC
  • You will be able to see ‘Create HotSpot’ on your screen, tap it
  • Now you will be asked to connect your pc with wi-fi ‘Xender’
  • Go to your browser
  • Provide the web address that appears on your phone
  • You will be asked to Accept that confirmation message for connecting the devices.
  • After clicking the button of ‘Accept’ you will be sent to a page on PC where it displays the name of your phone/device, the storage and OS version.
  • Now find the file the one you want to share
  • On that file you need to place the cursor
  • You will see a download button that will appear
  • Hit the button for saving a file
  • Now your file will be downloaded on your PC

How to connect Xender to PC

Now you know how to connect xender to PC, how simple is that? It would hardly consume few minutes to connect Xender to your PC. Gone are the days when sharing wall papers, GIF’s, videos, songs, images and photos used to such irksome work. Since the arrival of Xender all this sharing and transferring can be done hardly in few seconds. Receive and send your stuff through Xender and feel the ease and simplicity of its usage. It is totally safe and secure to transfer your valuable data through Xender. Its user-friendly interface and high credibility has turned it one of the most trusted app for transferring files from one device to another.

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